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Jubilee Market

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Jubilee Market, Covent Garden
31 October 2021
starts: 10:00 am End: 17:00 pm

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3D Resin Beach,
Artwork Dimensions:
diameter 50 cm, depth 3 cm

Resin - Handmade Artworks

Resin art works inspired from beaches, shades and ripples of the deep blue ocean. This collection includes wall décor pieces such as clocks in addition to functional items like coasters, chopping boards, mirrors and more.

Resin Jewellery Box

Resin Keychains

Resin Keychains

Wall Tapestry - Handmade Artworks

Hope you enjoy this uniques, handmade artworks designed and created with love and care. Projects created with ancestral techniques and high quality materials.

enjoy unique, handmade Art Wall Hanging Tapestry

unique Wall Handmade Hanging Tapestry

I love to create artworks inspired from nature to reach people’s attention for the beauty of our world and get conscious of our footprint in the planet

Handmade Artwork
Home Decor Art, Resin and Wall Tapestry, Unique Gifts